Ocular migraine triggers explained

5 hidden foods list that trigger ocular migraines

Optical migraine, when identified, can easily prevented. Affecting the vision, ocular migraine headaches typically begin as mild blind spots within an individual’s general realm of vision and unfortunately worsens over time.

Ocular migraine triggers
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Despite the common triggers and causes of ocular migraines, some hidden foods have been known to stimulate and trigger optical headaches.

According to recent health studies, health professionals observed that by keeping a daily journal of the foods consumed, in combination with the occurrence of visual headaches, ocular migraines can easily be avoided, by simply ceasing to consume foods that may trigger the condition.

Common ocular migraine triggers are cured or aged dairy products, chocolate, additives, overripe, dried or citrus fruits, and alcohol. This brief article aims to discuss these five hidden causes of ocular migraines in greater detail.


Visual Headache Triggers – Cured Or Aged Dairy Products

Cured or aged dairy products are a common cause of ocular migraines. At all costs, be sure to avoid the following: Camember cheeses, Blue cheeses, Brie, Stilton, Emmenthaler, and cheddar. All of these cheeses are either ripened or have been aged and should be eliminated from your diet.

These cheeses contain a chemical known as tyramine, which is scientifically believed to be the culprit of ocular migraines. In addition to cured or aged dairy products, also avoid beer, red wine, and soy sauce, seeing as they too are known to contain tyramine; buttermilk, sour cream, and chocolate milk should also be negated in order to prevent the onset of ocular migraines.

In addition to cured or aged dairy products, chocolate alone is a common food known to trigger ocular migraines.


Ocular Migraine Triggers – Chocolate

Chocolate is a common food known to trigger ocular migraines. Due to the tremendous amount of phenylethylamine contained within chocolate, it is wise to avoid chocolate at all costs!

Present not only in chocolate, this element, phenylethylamine, is also present in candy, but especially in non-chocolate foods such as cheesecake, citrus fruit, red wine, and yellow cheeses. In addition to chocolate, certain additives also trigger ocular migraines.


Optical Migraine Triggers: Food Additives

Additives are also a common element known to trigger ocular migraines. Tremendous amounts of additives, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, and artificial sweetening agents, contained within various foods, should be avoided!

Often, Chinese food and canned food possess large amounts of MSG, while packaged meats, such as sausages contain heavy traces of nitrates. Diet soft drinks, as well as sugar-free foods and beverages, contain various artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, and should also be avoided as well.

In addition to additives, ocular migraines can also be triggered by overripe, dried or citrus fruits.


Additional ocular migraine triggers is Overripe, Dried Or Citrus Fruits

Particular fruits, especially those that are overly sweet, often trigger ocular migraines. Some of the main culprits with this category are overripe bananas, papayas, raisins, and even figs. When considering fruit, fresh fruit is always best!

Canned fruits, which are stored in artificial sweeteners and preservatives, can also trigger ocular migraines. In addition to overripe, dried or citrus fruits, alcohol is also a major trigger of ocular migraines.

As a tremendous, yet popular beverages, alcohol drinks is a common ocular migraine triggers among most headache sufferers and should be avoided at all costs! Those that are particularly harmful are sherry, bourbon, gin, beer, and even red wine.

Whenever the consumption of alcohol is unavoidable, be sure to do so responsibly and most importantly, in moderation, especially when symptoms of ocular migraines are sensed.

Some triggers are often known, however, some triggers, such as certain foods, are unknown to many migraine sufferers. Often affecting the vision, ocular migraine headaches normally begin as blind spots and become more severe over time.

Hope now you know better how ocular migraine triggers causes ocular migraines.


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  1. Svetlana, on what is your theory based? NONE of my many doctors know what triggers ocular migraines, including a neurologist, and I frequently eat most or all of the foods you included in your article. What are your sources of information? It is too simple. This sounds like a come-on for some drug or some nostrum.

  2. Hello, Barbara! It not a theory. If you check web, you will see few researches on this topic. You can msg me directly (or via G+) and I will provide you links to researches on this topic.

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